Marking enStartup’s one year Journey with the announcement of inCcelerate

Uganda, home to really a pile of great entrepreneurs ready to sketch life for themselves but the biggest question is, that no matter the aspirations to start a business, how many businesses thrive within this stagnant ecosystem?

Well, it’s coming to a year (November 3rd) ever since i started documenting the startup culture in Uganda, and providing a showcase of the most promising startups.

With each story being documented, i get to realize there are many gaps left open in the support of the ecosystem to new startups. Even when the truth remains that we have a long way to go and perhaps clear to me that Uganda is a difficult country to invest and operate in as a tech startup, i believe that we can help develop the necessary infrastructure

With endless possibilities, all you need to get started is that passion to create what you want to see in the world

Today, enStartup presents a chance to all creatives who want to startup in Uganda through it’s inCcelerate movement.

It’s a well-known practice that if you invest in a talented team and give them the freedom to create, they will be able to test, experiment and build something successful. Uganda has had a culture of amazing ideas winning local competitions and never come to life.

Entrepreneurial success rarely comes from an idea, and it’s what you do with an idea that really counts. I personally know a local startup that has missed an investment opportunity because they couldn’t prove the metrics they were ‘making noise’ about in their pitch deck.

We are building a sustainable engine, a growth process and a data-driven culture to educate on the new way of thinking that i believe will show Ugandans the new model in different contexts and situations, over and over again

If Uganda really wants Innovation, we then have to invest in people so as to give new energy to the productivity cycle. There’s need to improve productivity if we stopped systematically under-investing in human capital.

enStartup’s inCcelerate is on a path to building early-stage companies, where we must also take into account that working in a new business is often like living on the edge. With this, everyone who goes through the entire application process has to be in it together. Being in it, means 100 percent which too means being there for your team and delivering through the good, the bad, and the ugly. It doesn’t work if each person isn’t 100 percent in. The biggest mistake when it comes to working for startups is making sure that the people being considered for the team are fully and totally committed to the journey. If they’re not, they won’t be happy, and neither will we.

These experiences are wondrous and exhilarating and awesome, and, at the same time, they’re terrible and sad and depressing and totally crappy.

Many local entrepreneurs encounter a fear of failure while in pursuit of launching a startup, and this fear makes them at times risk adverse. The fear often originates from pressure of the formal education system to make the best marks and avoid experimentation. Thus many new entrepreneurs have to learn new ways of thinking to use the tools of the innovator: prototyping, modeling, tinkering, playing and risking failure.

It’s not a secret that some have good initial ideas, but lack experience with needs-finding and human centered design or lack the solid business skills on their team to bring their ideas to life. And others spend months and years in the innovation space “wilderness”, wandering around from competition to competition without a road-map for bringing their ideas to market.

We are so focusing on the people who will be ready to learn new skills,have the required skills and the most important variable here, is adapting to our culture.

At inCcelerate, we are creating a culture where prototyping, modeling, tinkering are the norm and fail fast is acceptable on the way to business success. Entrepreneurs will spend three solid months immersed in this culture while engaging the inCcelerate design curriculum. This design curriculum provides innovators with a solid understanding of why design matters whether building a service or product.

We are also providing solid pathways for local entrepreneurs to gain skills and help to navigate the complex startup space in Uganda

We are investing in individuals who are starting ventures on a pathway to solving relevant problems, and planning for scale, where we shall use a modification of our ‘model’ in our design as inCcelerate prioritizes investing in people and the relentless pursuit of a startup venture’s growth.

To conclude, We must continue to disseminate opportunities for Ugandans to learn and grow as tech leaders and thus we will be able build an ecosystem that will enable us to constantly deliver.

However, there is one last very important thing — You should join us in creating the future because you’re undoubtedly the future.

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